Our Interests

Adserving & Campaign Networks

We have great interest in online networks that offer advertising to clients and are delivering via an integrated adserver.

Youtube & Short Video Studios

Majority of video content is now online. We are focused on investing in talented Youtubers & Short Video creators.

Online Radio & Streaming Studios

Our directors hold 12 years collective experience in online radio and streaming expertise across 27 broadcasts streams.

E-commerce & ERP Integrators

We have identified a lack of reliable integrators between E-commerce and ERP business management platforms.

Social Media Monitoring Platforms

Monitoring how effective content and media is online and the virality that social media networks provide.

Mobile Apps to ERP Integrations

Over 70% of online traffic is recognised as “mobile” according to Google studies. Let’s connect them to businesses.

To help talented entrepreneurs get funding
with a reliable capital partner.


Location Networks

The successful acquisition of the online location networks and certified Google publishers, formerly WrightMedia, paves a new road for JADEX.

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McAfee Partnership

JADEX is now an official Intel Mcafee partner in South Africa, this partnership will assist us in ensuring our high level online security.

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Luxury Marketplace

JADEX Investments is now a 100% shareholder in the new online luxury marketplace known as SuperLuxury.co.za for Africa.

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